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Only the official club photographer is alowed to take pictures, with the consent of the person(s) in the picture.

Here are a few "tame" pics from our 2018 parties. Click on any pic to see the rest of the scene.

All guys in the pictures are over 18 years old.

You may notice that we are posting less pics of the scenes at the parties. Some guys like having their pics taken, some DON'T. You can still play without the pics of your scene, just tell us you DON'T want any pics. We will always ASK. Less flashes, more action, and never in the back room. Want to see what goes on, there are plenty of pics on our site. We still send out a weekly email blast with some of the pics, so you can sign up for updates from the link at the side. Still want to see more, then come to the parties on Sunday. EXPERIENCE IT!

Week of Dec 30 - Our Pre New Years Eve Play Party. Lots of guys and Great Energy. We had a Champagne toast to 2019 and the guys had good scenes, some on the stage, some in the back, some in the loft. Free massages and frisky action in the back. A Great way to close out 2018.

Week of Dec 23 - It was our Xmas Play Party and we had some fun decorating the boys! Lots more action around the club. Guys were mingling and playing and getting off. A good Holiday party.

Week of Dec 16 - Tied to the bench, nipples stretching upwards, tied to the St Andrew's Cross, simple chair scene, serving while tied down, secured to the bondage table, lots of edging, and more in the back and upstairs..

Week of Dec 9 - Some good scenes this week, some pictured here, others no pics were taken. Suspension, tied on the stools, inescapable rope bondage, clothespins and electro cock rings... just a little of what went on this week

Week of Dec 2 - Returning visitors, new guys playing after getting excited watching, suspension, paddled, clothespins, edging, group fun... and all the other stuff too

Week of Nov 25 - We got lots of guys getting real frisky in the backroom and some good bondage scenes around the club. Spread out and worked over, tied down, ball crushing, spanking, flogging, dildos, and more.

Week of Nov 18 - Forced to sit on a large dildo, suspended, clothepins and the spread chair, latex fun, teased and stroked, full suspension, tied on the tables, and much more.

Week of Nov 11 - A variety of scenes this week, some of them with pics below. Studs, bottoms,, and guys into group stuff. Suspensions, sleep sack, bondage, cbt, tt, and lots of frisky action in the back.

Week of Nov 4 - Lots of scenes and action this week. We had guys from all over and guys of all ages and sizes, something for everyone. The party was busy right to the end of the night.

Week of Oct 28 - Another good Sunday night party with lots of activity in the Back Room, in the web on the stage, and all around the club.

Week of Oct 21 - A fun night this week, guys had some creative scenes, in the back, upstairs, and around the club. Here are some scenes that the guys wanted pics taken.

Week of Oct 14 - We had some nice scenes this week. Several of the guys in the scenes sent us an email telling us what they wanted. We said, come to the party and chat with us and let's see what happens. Well... IT happened and the guys had fun. Other guys didn't want pics taken and others just show up and go for it, finding guys who like the same things they do. That is what makes the party work and that is why we've been around for many years. Join us on Sunday nights and Have Some FUN!

Week of Sept 30 and Oct 7- We had our Hands On Interactive Demo where we paired guys up and showed them hot to tie some knots and to start a scene, only a few pics but it was a good start to the night. Hot leather guys, loads of cum on his abs, tied up standing, suspended, pup play, hot guys and lots of hands, tickling and torment, marked by ThaiThatBinds, flogged,tied up all over the club, displayed, chastity and then not. Some good scenes these last couple of weeks.

Week of SEPT 23 - Pup tied up and tormented, spanked and stroked, rope harness and a group of hands all over him, Tied in the web and the group gets off.

Week of SEPT 16 - Lots of clothespins on his chest, hogtie suspension, clamps on his nipples, cock and balls clamped, and more scenes that had no pics. Just a few of the guys that had some fun this week. Will you be next?

Week of SEPT 9 - A few of scenes from last week here. We also had several scenes in the back on the hooked Bondaage table and on the St. Andrew's Cross, free massages upstairs, and sexy stuff in the back room.

Week of SEPT 2 - Our Labor Day Weekend Play Party brought out a lot of visitors and a good party. Suspension, Leather and latex glove play, a leather harness and shorts on a first time visitor and play all over the club, hot jock scene, and a couple dominated. A busy night in the back on the table and cross where the area was full of play. Free massages and more...

Week of Aug 26 - A good night full of scenes. Hogtied, slapped, tied down, paddled, strung up, clothespins, suspended, edged and stroked till cum shoots out. Massages upstairs, Backroom action, and more.

Week of Aug 19 - Lots of edging this week, hogtied on stools, clothepins, butt plugs, vibrators, and shots of cum

Week of Aug 12 - We were joined by Excelsior M C Leather Club and their guys all came in leather. It was a good mix of guys. Not as many pics this week as many of the guys just wanted to have fun. Edging, pulling clamped nipples, mummification while in latex, and happy endings fror both are just several of the scenes this week.

Week of Aug 5 - Tied to the frame, spanked, gut punching, gagged and tied to the chair in a jock, tied down for toys, clothespins all over his balls, and more.

Week of July 29 - Suspension, fantasies written on his body, latex bondage, tied on the stools, more in the back.

Week of July 22 - Tied down on the bench and smacked, clothespins on his chest, stroked and edged, hogtied, teased, and forced to cum. A few pics from some of the scenes

Week of July 15 - Suspension, Pup tied down, spanked and flogged, new guys getting worked over

Week of July 8 - First time guy gets tied up, arms and legs spread and tied up, stripped and edged, paddled for his birthday, tied down and ready for toys, tied to the cross, and more.

Week of July 1 - Another night of guys getting tied down, tied up, and worked over.

Week of June 24 - It was our After Pride Party and we had over 100 guys. Here are a few of the scenes from the night.

Week of June 17 - We spent the early part of Sunday at Folsom Street Fair, then we had our AFTER FSE Play Party. We had over 200 guys and an extra room open for more play. The place was packed and the guys were active all over the club. There were many more scenes, guys on the massage table, and the backroom was full of guys having fun. A great night as usual for our After FSE Party

Week of June 10 - Here are 2 of the scenes from this week that the guys wanted posted.. We may post more, but remember it is always the guys in the scene that decide whether they want the pics posted

Week of June 3 - It was Hands On this week and we paired guys up and taught them a few knots, then they went off and played, Displayed, hooded, gagged and edged, stomped on while tied on the bench, ball spreader and stroking, body harness and teased. Just a few scenes that we took some pics of this week.

Week of May 27 - The guys suspend a muscle stud, tie up a guy to the post, down on the bench and written on, tied to the frame table and worked over, displayed at the front. All that and another 7 scenes in the back on the bondage table and St Andrew's cross, and stuff in the back room and free massages

Week of May 20 - It was our Hands On Interactive Demo and we paired guys up and showed how to start a scene. No pics because lots of new guys. Here are a few pics from a few other scenes. Bent over the bench table and paddled, Great suspension scene, hanging from the rolling frame table, and face down and worked over. More stuff upstairs and lots in the back.

Week of May 13 - A good crowd and a nice variety of scenes. Suspension, Tied downon a table, on a bench, in a chair, all over the club, to a post, on the stage, and in the back on a table.

Week of May 6 - A really good party this week. Lots of action in the back, upstairs, and in the scenes. The Tops got guys from the crowd to help with the subs and we had a lot of fun.

Week of April 29 -Tied down on the bench, paddled on the St Andrew's cross, cock and ball estim, and stretched tied balls - just a few of the scenes that went on this week.

Week of April 22 - Lots of scenes this week. Suspension, edged on the bench, chair, tied down on the stools, muscle studs tied up, ass up, small clamps and electro estim, flogging and more.

Week of April 15 - It was Puppy Play night and the guys dressed up and had fun. Ball stomping,batting; tied down on the table; flogged, paddled, edged; legs tied up and stroked; free massages and frisky action in the back.

Week of April 8 - Muscle Stud tied with his arms behind his back, paddled on the bench table, in the spread chair, Head buzz cut, clothespins, edged... massages upstairs, action in the back, and more...

Week of April 1 - Tied up and stretched, breath control, huge cumshot all over his stomach, tied to the table bench, and tied on the bondage table. Free massages upstairs and getting off in the back room.

Week of March 25 - Bent over a table paddled and stuffed, Pup play, caught at the bar fingered and pokede; Paddled, tied and written on, more Pup play, submission, strapped and in the sling, more paddling.

Week of March 18 - Inverted, Tied down, Stomped on, edged, stroked in the chair, lots of hands on, displayed and ..

Week of March 11 - A Great Party this week, lots of new guys and lots of scenes. Here are a few. It was leather night and we got guys in their leather gear ready to play. Tied to benches, clothespins, new guys first time at the club, cage fun, pup play, gagged, paddled, pinwheel torture, and a couple fists. Massages upstairs, action in the back. Lots of fun for the night.

Week of March 4 - We got the boys tied up on the stage, gagged, clothepins, vibrator edging, electro estim, pups, domination, legs tied up, spanked, and more... and that's just the stuff up front, lots more in the back and upstairs.

Week of Feb 25 - A varitey of scenes this week, tied and stomped on, suspension and impaled on a huge dildo attached to a pole, pup play, a chair tied to this back, tied on a bench, spanked over a bench, tied to a table, and hot wax. just a little of what went on this week.

Week of Feb 18 - He got his ass smacked, Pup Play, electro cock stim, tied up and going down, flogged, fat dildo, and more flogging. Just a little of what went on at our President's Day Sunday Play Party

Week of Feb 11 - It was Leather Night at NYBC and we had a good crowd. Here are a few scenes that had pics taken.

Week of Feb 4 - Hogtied and fisted on the box, tied suspended used, big cock covered in wax, humiliation scene, tied down with lots of clothespins on his cock and balls. More scenes but we didn't take pics of them.

Week of Jan 28 - Hands tied up over his head, pup in chastity then out, suspended in a harness, trampled on, mummification, and more.

Week of Jan 21 - Strapped to the table and edged, face down on the table, double flogging, balls tied up and abused by the Master's boots. Just a few pics from the night.

Week of Jan 14 - This week was MLK weekend and we had quite a few new guys at the club. Some of our guys were at MAL but those of us that were here had a good time. Not as many pics as usual because the new guys didnt want them but we had a good time. A great suspension, group action, and more.

Week of Jan 7 - It was our first party of 2018. The guys made a rope hammock and got several guys into it. Other scenes included a hogtie, stroked while suspended, flogging, and more. More scenes around the club but we only take pics of scenes where the guys want their pics taken.

Cum to our parties on SUNDAYS and experience the action yourself!

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