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About the club: NYBondageClub, called NYBC, is the longest running male BDSM party in New York City. We are a club that welcomes Gay, Bi and Curious "Str8" guys who are into Bondage/Sm with other like minded guys. We provide the fetish community with a unique space and atmosphere, where guys of all ages can meet in a SAFE , SANE , CONSENSUAL, and DRUG FREE setting.

Paddles, located at 250 W 26th St, between 7th & 8th Av.
Door opens @ 7pm. Play until 1am


Wear as much or as little as you wish. We welcome guys dressed in Leather, rubber, fetish gear, underwear, or nothing at all, or you can just wear jeans and a tshirt.
$2 coat check
BDSM equipment, bondage tables, crosses, spanking horses, and more.
Club rope and lotion provided. Free massages...and more!
$2 Soda, Free snacks provided! No Alcohol Served!

There are many different scenes and fetishes that go on at our meetings. We have enjoyed a diverse crowd for more that 25 years and hope to keep it that way. We have guys who are into many fetishes from the simple to the extreme. We have guys who like bondage, spanking, flogging, cbt, breath control, tit play, and more. We have guys who just like to J/o , guys who like to be sexy and get frisky, and guys who just want to mingle and have fun. We even have a guy who gives awesome free massages. We have bondage benches, tables, crosses, suspension equipment, rope, and much more. There are dark corners to explore for even more fun. We believe in Playing Hard AND Playing Safe.

About the space:
Paddles is a large space with several rooms available for play. There is a soda bar with seats to socialize around. There is a balcony overlooking one area, and several other areas with great pieces of equipment to use. Well, want to know more, guess you'll just have to cum and see for yourself.


We hope you enjoy the party and look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday.

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New York Bondage Club.