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2019 Guest Policy

All guys over 18 years of age are welcome to attend our paties as a guest.

You DO NOT need to become a member or fill our any forms to come to the party.

If you want to come to our parties you must not object to nudity and affirm that you are not a law enforcement officer nor representing any law enforcement ageny.

We play at Paddles, which is located at 250 W 26th St, between 7th and 8th Avenue

You can play from 7pm - 1am, however our door closes at Midnight.

We encourage you to come early as our parties are busier early rather than later.

Check through our website for more info

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If you want to become a member you can fill out and print the Member App, print it and bring it with you to the club.

You can also get a Member App at the club if you don't have a printer.

Hope you enjoy the Party!








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