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We Play at Paddles

250 W 26th St ........ 7pm - 1am

December Party Schedule - Important Changes

Sunday Dec 10 - NYBC Play Party

Sunday Dec 17 - our last SUNDAY Play Party of 2017

NO Parties on Sunday Dec 24 or Dec 31

SATURDAY Dec 30 - Pre New Year Party - Celebrate our 10th year of Play at Paddles

Here are a few pics from last week. We only take pics of guys that want their pics taken. It is always your choice if you want pics of your scene.

Wrapped in rope and stroked

Clothespins line his chest, a ball gag forced into his mouth, he gets stroked, tickled and edged

Rope suspension, legs spead open and stroked till he shot

Arms stretched as the guys string him up and keep him on edge

Arms tied behind his back, forced to display himself, then tied to the stools, fingered and stroked and edged till...

We literally yanked this couple out a cab and got them to come into the club and they were glad they did. One got tied to the table and worked over and then they  continued to have more fun in  a hot group scene in the back.

Suction cups on his nips as he got tied down and played with

Late Fun - A flight delay for this first time visitor made him late to the club, but he found his way in and we made sure he enjoyed his night

Here are a few pics from 2 weeks ago.

Bryan and Bndg24 tie k to the horse, slap him on his ass and cock and edge him

A ball crusher goes on his package (see a close up in the Party Pics 2017 page), and then he gets marched to the spreader chair and gets worked over

Bndg24 gets tied to the chair by Bryan; breath control, balls slapped, teased and tormented

Tied to the St Andrew's Cross and Flogged

He gets a hook tied in his mouth, displayed and edged, then gets tied on the box and stroked, then to the stools

Tied on the bench and he gets lots of clothespins pinned his body, including his tongue

In the cage  most of the night, kept on edge, and then locked by his balls to the bars

Master Ron uses the St Andre's cross to tie up his boy, attaching a nip clamp chain, putting a hook up his ass, paddling him, and then he submits on his knees

Master A takes a first time newbie upstairs, securing him to the frame, edging him till...

Each week we play and have new guys coming to the party and getting into kinky fun. Some are first time visitors, others have been there before but haven't played, and of course many play all the time. Some come for a free massage, others to get off in the back. Some get naked, some just in underwear, and some stay dressed. You can chat at the soda bar, or get frisky around the club. Experience your fantasies. Don't be shy, tell the guys what you want. That's what makes the club work. See you on Sunday

You must be over 18 years of age to come to the club and have a valid state ID in order to attend any of our parties. Please remember that NO Drugs or Alcohol are allowed to be used or consumed in our space.

Play Hard, Play Safe, Have Fun!


Students enter for $10 this week
We hope you enjoy the party and look forward to seeing all of you this Sunday

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