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We play every Sunday at Paddles

250 W 26th St ....7pm - 1am

Here are the pics from last week

A very erotic scene from a first time visitor. Bndg24 secures him to the cross, then flogs him. After reddening his back he turns him around, attaches clothespins to his nips, uses a baton, and keeps him on edge till his hands are undone and Bndg24 allows him to stroke off

A Master from MN visits and brings some gear to suspend a first time visitor as he and Bryan work him over

A group tie up keeps another first time visitor on edge until....

Inverted and Stroked

Nipple clamps attached, forced to pull on them, clothespins and then cum

After a night of topping, Bndg24 gets tied up, as Bryan and A work him over, slapping his cock and balls and forcing a load out of him. Then onto the bench and spanked

Here are the pics from 2 weeks ago

Bndg24 and Bryan use their floggers

Gas mask on for breath control as the guys tie this visitor to the bench

Tied face down on the table, legs pulled up and edged

FriskyPup tied down onto the box

Wrestled to the ground and suspended by his balls

Onto the table as the guys TapeGag Bndg24 and edge him till....

Like what you see?

Come to our party on Sunday to Experience IT!

Check our Party Pic Pages to see more of these scenes and others!

Play Hard, Play Safe, Have Fun!


Students enter for $10 this week.
We hope you enjoy the party and look forward to seeing all of you this Sunday

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