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We Play Every Sunday at Paddles 250 W 26th St....7pm - 1am

Another night of fun last week, just not a lot of pics. Join us for more of the same, and don't worry about the heat, we have good air conditioning, but better yet, we have great action. See you on Sunday

Here are a few pics from last week. Remember we only take pics of guys who want their pics taken. It is always YOUR choice.

ThaiThatBinds showed a couple how much fun a Bdsm scene can be. He tied one down on the bondage table, put a hood on him and some clothespins on his chest. The electro ccck rings went down and over and up his dick, causing him to moan and thrust his hips to avoid the jolts. The scene went on till he couldn't take it anymore and he shot a thick load of cum. Now they both knew just how much fun it can be.

Bndg24 made a red rope web, and then Bryan used it to tie up an eager boy. He got rock hard instantly, so to try to slow him down a bit, the guys lined some clothespins down the underside of his cock but that got him even harder and closer to shooting. They got a dildo and pumped it in and out of his ass as precum dripped and dripped, keeping him on edge till he couldn't help but shoot his load

Bryan layed Bndg24 down on the bench, raised his legs up and tied them to the side of the web leaving his ass wide open. Bryan started working his hole, opening it up more and more. Then a 4 knotted dildo started gradually going in ball by ball. How many did his ass swallow before he shot his load?

Tied down on the table and ready for cbt. He got stroked till he got hard, then a catheter went down his dick for some water sports play. More working him over, a nail down his cock to plug it, clamps on his nips, and hands all over him leading to a big cum shot

Upcoming Parties

Sunday July 21 - NYBC Play Party

Sunday July 28 - NYBC Play Party

Sunday August 4 - NYBC Play Party

Sunday August 11 - NYBC Play Party

Here are a few pics from 2 weeks ago

Tied to the spider web for some gut punching and stroking. Clothespins go on his nips and they get tied together as a bundle, the vibrator teases his cock as he gets edged and since the night still early, he is denied a cumshot

It started out by Bndg24 getting serviced, but then Bryan came up from behind and tied his hands up and pulled them towards the beam. Now he gets swatted, slapped, his balls get tied and pulled downward and squeezed as he pleads for them to stop. None of that makes the guys stop. A light paddle starts hitting his balls, a little harder then harder, as he groans louder and louder. The crowd wanted more, so more and more till Bndg24 shouted out that he was cumming and a big mess on the floor followed. The crowd then left to go off and they got off themselves

Tied down on the bench, legs spread and raised and attached to the web, his chest lined with clothespins, a long thick dild* shoved up his ass, he starts enjoying his torment. He is made to worship a foot, then gets trampled upon, as the dildo goes punching in and the foot goes stomping on, and his dick goes shooting off.... then he relaxes and a smile goes on his face.

Another birthday at NYBC. This time the birthday boy gets tied down spread eagled on the table... "Face down  Ass up   That's the way we like to .... well, spank". We got the crowd to help spank him, as he was made to count them out, if he forgot, he had to start over. And forget he did, as he got many more...maybe he meant that to be. Then they flipped him over and gave him a nice send off stroking, making his night a memorable NYBC birthday celebration.

Each week we play and have new guys coming to the party and getting into kinky fun. Some are first time visitors, others have been there before but haven't played, and of course many play all the time. Some come for a free massage, others to get off in the back. Some get naked, some just in underwear, and some stay dressed. You can chat at the soda bar, or get frisky around the club. Experience your fantasies. Don't be shy, tell the guys what you want. That's what makes the club work. See you on Sunday

You must be over 18 years of age to come to the club and have a valid state ID in order to attend any of our parties. Please remember that NO Drugs or Alcohol are allowed to be used or consumed in our space.

Play Hard, Play Safe, Have Fun!

Enjoy our party on Sunday night




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