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We Play Every Sunday at Paddles

250 W 26th St ........ 7pm - 1am

Guys have asked what else goes on at the club. Well, lots of other things happens, remember the club is for you guys, and for what you guys like. In addition to the front, there is always lots of action up in the loft from free massages, to group play on the table, to guys geting flogged on the st andrew's cross. The back area has a bondage table, sling, benches, and more, and the far back is darker for your more frisky sexy stuff with room to play and tables for whatever. Keep the play going as we start 2019 and our 12'th year at Paddles.

Here are some pics from last week. Remember we only take pics of guys who want their pics taken. It is always YOUR choice.




Bryan and Bndg24 suspend a hot stud, hanging him from the frame and NYBC wood spreader bar. They get him into serving mode, slapping his ass, forcing a thick dildo in, drilling him as he hangs in the air till he shoots a big mess on the ground.

Master Alek ties a leathersub in full leather in the cage, ties up his cock and balls, pulls them around with rope tied to them, uses a hot candle to drip wax over them, and has him on edge while the crowd interacts with the tied sub

A group scene with 4 guys and a nice hairy chested body - tied down on the floor, a gas mask on his head for breath control, lots of clothespins lining along  his chest, a butt plug and vibrator got his big dick hard and on edge till he was forced to shoot a nice load out and over his head

A sub in full body leather gets moved to the front on stage for some CBT play. He gets his arms tied behind his body, and his balls tied to a chair, which gets kicked so his balls are pulled and yanked, he's moaning and screaming in pain, or was it pleasure, till he is stroked to a nice cumshot.


Sunday Jan 13 - NYBC Play Party  - Optional Leather, Rubber,  Pup Gear, or just wear jeans, jockstrap, or go naked

Sunday Jan 20 - NYBC Play Party

Sunday Jan 27 - NYBC Play Party

Sunday Feb 3 - NYBC Play Party

Here are some pics from 2 weeks ago

Muscle stud hogtied on the stools, guys stroking him, Bryan hanging his shoe from his balls; he gets edged till he shoots a huge load

Legs tied up to the frame, clothespins on his nips, a big dildo shoved in, servicing, and moaning and edged till the cumshot

Bryan uses the table to tie up a visitor as another visitor helps stimulating him, till....

Master Bill brings a boy and uses tape to bind him, forcing him to dispay on all fours and paddling him, then off to another table in the club for some nipple clamping and more. Later he gets his boy to help him tie up another guy as they work him over

Master Ron takes a boy and ties him to the St Andrew's cross, first clamping him balls, then putting a parachute harness on them and nipple clamps on his tits, then turns him around and spanks and paddles his ass till it's red

Pup gets tied up and  a sub pup starts playing with him, then more guys come over as multiple hands stoke him till...

Legs and arms suspended in the frame table

Bryan does suspension scene, forcing a dildo in and uses a vibrator to stimulate it till...

Master Des plays with visiting sub who is locked in a custom made chastity cage and belt

. .

Two more scenes by Master Ron -  slapped and paddled, tied down and edged

Each week we play and have new guys coming to the party and getting into kinky fun. Some are first time visitors, others have been there before but haven't played, and of course many play all the time. Some come for a free massage, others to get off in the back. Some get naked, some just in underwear, and some stay dressed. You can chat at the soda bar, or get frisky around the club. Experience your fantasies. Don't be shy, tell the guys what you want. That's what makes the club work. See you on Sunday

You must be over 18 years of age to come to the club and have a valid state ID in order to attend any of our parties. Please remember that NO Drugs or Alcohol are allowed to be used or consumed in our space.

Play Hard, Play Safe, Have Fun!

Enjoy our party on Sunday night




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