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We Play Every Sunday at Paddles 250 W 26th St....7pm - 1am

Here are a few pics from last week. Remember we only take pics of guys who want their pics taken. It is always YOUR choice. See more of these scenes on our PartyPics page.

ThaiThatBinds was asked to help a Master/slave couple for a rope bondage scene on the frame table. A simple spread eagle body restraint rope weave secured him, then a gag went into his mouth, blindfolded, electro cock rings, and lots of edging kept them happy all the way to a big cumshot

Returning after a couple of years, this sub was tied on the stage. The guys put a blindfold on him, a couple of clothespins on his nips, and tied up his cock and balls., Ying/yang - forcing him to squat as his balls were pulled downward while forcing his body upwards as the dildo pushed up his ass. Moaning and groaning, kept on edge, the crowd enjoyed this stud getting worked over till he finally reached the point of no return and shot his load


G was wrestled down by Bryan and Bndg24 for a spanking on the stage that he had often fantasized about but never got to tell until this night, so the two of them quickly jumped on him. To their surprise he put up a good fight and they all enjoyed their bodies rubbing against each other and slamming and butt spanking

Ball Busting --- Bndg24 got tied down on the bench and the theme was "Play Ball" tonight. Bryan used a thin wooden paddle to beat his balls while stroking his swollen cock. Getting turned on, Bndg24 started dripping precum, and that just got him more ball beating and his cries of pain, or was it pleasure, could be heard throughout the club. More ball busting, more stroking -  the result was a big cumshot that got beaten out of him.

Master Ron tied up a slave and flogged his back and ass. His cock and balls got clamped, the flogging continued till he was red. Later they got him in the sling and he was fisted as a group gathered and had some fun. Normally I don't show any tattoos, but notice that this slave has a barcode on his ass, registering him for what he is.

Bndg24 tied down a visitor on the bench while his Master was watching. He clamped his nips with strong clamps, forced him to sniff and eat his armpit while he edged him. He prepared his ass for a large dildo by starting out fucking him with a small soft one, then moving on to larger ones. He trampled on him, and kept him on edge till...

A first time visiting sub comes to the club with a Dom. He gets tied to the St Andrew's cross, gets a hood on his head, clothespins on his body, gets his cock and balls tied up, and is edged. Untied he then got secured to the bondage table and worked over by a couple of guys. A hot scene that enjoyed by many.


Tied on the frame table with legs up, his cock and balls get completely entwined with red rope. A dildo get shoved up his ass and he is stroked and played with until he shot his load. ;;;Master Ron tied a sub to the St Andrew's cross, put a clamp on his cock and balls, and had some fun with a sub.

Upcoming Parties

Sunday August 18 - NYBC Play Party

Sunday August 25 - NYBC Play Party

Sunday Sept 1 - Labor Day Weekend Play Party

Sunday Sept 8 - Nybc Play Party

Here are some pics from a few weeks ago


A visitor in chastity gets tied down by Bryan and Bndg24. They wanted to give him an orgasm while still locked up, so ThaiThatBinds put a ball gag on him and clothespins on his chest, then they edged him with a vibrator and gave him a dildo fuck, teasing his locked up ccck till he shot through the small opening in his cage, leaving it filled with cum.


Master Alek took the stage and tied his chastity caged sub between the frame. Collared, gagged, spanked, then  onto nipple play - pumped up suction cups, electro c*ck play, and edging. He is teased and kept on cum denial.


A stud and his pup come to the club in leather harnesses. Tied to the St Andrew's cross, the pup gets flogged repeatedly till his ass turns red, then affectionately carressed, and untied so they could go to the back of the club and have more fun.


Pup lies down on the bondage box and Bndg24 starts tying him down to it, binding the young sub while his Master helped, slapping his semi tied down body, slapping his cock and balls. Time to lift the box so Bryan came in to help stand it upright, and pup is now upside down, just at the right height to lick and sniff an armpit. He gets stroked and has his balls pulled from the top end, kept on edge till his body tightened and he shot a load of cum, ending this hot scene.


Master Alek's chastity sub gets tied on the frame table, put in a position, and told to hold his one boot while the other one went on his head. He gets to stroke a large cock, and he is kept on display... maybe it should have been an s/m window display for NYBC :)

Each week we play and have new guys coming to the party and getting into kinky fun. Some are first time visitors, others have been there before but haven't played, and of course many play all the time. Some come for a free massage, others to get off in the back. Some get naked, some just in underwear, and some stay dressed. You can chat at the soda bar, or get frisky around the club. Experience your fantasies. Don't be shy, tell the guys what you want. That's what makes the club work. See you on Sunday

You must be over 18 years of age to come to the club and have a valid state ID in order to attend any of our parties. Please remember that NO Drugs or Alcohol are allowed to be used or consumed in our space.

Play Hard, Play Safe, Have Fun!

Enjoy our party on Sunday night




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