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Pride Play Party Sunday June 28

250 W 26th St ....7pm - 1am

What a great party last week. We opened an special extra room with dog cage, cell, and some other equipment and the guys loved it. This week we will also open that room, so join us at our Pride Play Party.

Continue the Action we started last week at our Pride Party

Here are a few pics of some of the scenes from 2 weeks ago

Bndg24 gets strung up, edged, and paddled

A gas mask goes on his head, as the hands goes on his cock, and forceps on his nips

Tied to the post on stage and stroked till...

In the sling with a hand and a large dildo up his ass at the same time - Woof!

Hung upside down by ThaiThatBinds

A first time visitor who saw us on the web gets lots of acion on the table

He gets tied up again, this time on the bench on the stage with several of the guys working him over, keeping him on edge. They force him to cum, not once, not twice, and by the end of the night between the 2 scenes he has cum 5 times.

Join us this week as we will have over 100 guys at this party and have even more FUN!

Like what you see?

Come to our party on Sunday to Experience IT!

Check our Party Pic Pages to see more of these scenes and others!

Play Hard, Play Safe, Have Fun!


Students enter for $10 this week.
We hope you enjoy the party and look forward to seeing all of you this Sunday

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