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Some info on this page is outdated. We will try to update it soon.

Places to stay in New York City

New York City is one of the most expensive places to stay in the USA. We've had many guys asking us "where is the best place to stay while in the city". The best means different things to differernt people. It can mean most luxurioius, cheapest, gayest, closest, etc. So, we have listed a few places that you might consider staying while visiting the city.

Gay Guesthouses

Colonial House Inn -- 318 W 22nd Street, 212-243-9669, 800-689-3779. Located in the heart of Chelsea between 8th & 9th Av., this guesthouse is very popular, and reservations are suggested. There is an expanded continental breakfast along with fresh fruit, juices, freshly baked muffins, cereal, bagels, english muffins, tea, and their specially blended coffee. Relax on the outdoor clothing optional rooftop when weather permits.

Chelsea Pines Inn -- 317 W 14th Street, 212-929-1023, . 888.546.2700 . They claim they are located ... where Chelsea meets Greenwich Village and the Meatpacking District, and they are close to everything. Another popular place, with expanded continental breakfast and complimentary coffee and snacks available in their lounge. Free wi-fi.

Incentra Village House -- 32 8th Avenue, 212-206-0007. Located in the West Village, a quiet brownstown with nicely decorated rooms.

Chelsea Mews Guest House -- 344 W 15th Street, 212-255-9174. Located in Chelsea, this is small guesthouse has no website and doesn't advertise. They claim they have deluxe 700 thread count sheets. Men only.

General Accomodation Info and Websites

NY Magazine Article - An older link to "A Cheap Guide to NYC". You can browse their suggestions for hotels under $150, with other general NYC info.. , - You can try your favorite search engine to try to get a cheaper rate at a hotel. By trying several sites, you can sometimes get a better deal. I have found these search engines to give the cheapest rates when you want to include all types of accomodations, including hostels and hotels. You can see reviews of the properties to try to help you make a decision.

Hostels - If you just need a place to crash, and you don't mind sharing a room with others you don't know, then you may consider staying in a hostel. In NYC, they can vary from horrible to adequate. While not for everyone, they provide a cheap stay for a night or so. It's been awhile since we checked the hostels, so can't recommend any specific place, but check the reviews if you opt for this type of room.

Nightlife in NYC

NYC has changed dramatically from years ago. There is a much more subdued night life. Since the LURE and the Spike have closed, the Eagle is the only leather bar left in the city. You can check their website for info.

We hope you include our Sunday night party in your NYC visit and enjoy your stay in our fine city!





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