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Only the official club photographer is alowed to take pictures, with the consent of the person(s) in the picture.

Here are a few "tame" pics from our 2016 parties. Click on any pic to see the rest of the scene.

All guys in the pictures are over 18 years old.

You may notice that we are posting less pics of the scenes at the parties. Some guys like having their pics taken, some DON'T. You can still play without the pics of your scene, just tell us you DON'T want any pics. We will always ASK. Less flashes, more action, and never in the back room. Want to see what goes on, there are plenty of pics on our site. We still send out a weekly email blast with some of the pics, so you can sign up for updates from the link at the side. Still want to see more, then come to the parties on Sunday. EXPERIENCE IT!

This ends our pics from 2016 since we didnt have a party on Dec 25. Check back soon as we update the pics from our New Years Day Party and the rest of the pics from 2017.

Week of Dec 18 - Lots of action this week. Pup displayed, cute guy inverted, hogtied, flogged, electo cock rings and clothepins, mummification, tied up, edged, spanked with a ring up his ass. More stuff upstairs and on the massage table.


Week of Dec 11 - Tied in the web, on stools, cupping, flogging and a single tail. Just a few of the scenes of the night


Week of Dec 4 - Hogtied over a bench, having some fun on the ground getting spanked and edged, how far do his balls get pulled while the bucket keeps getting filled, bondage on the table, bench, stools, tied to the frame and touched till he shoots.


Week of Nov 27 - Lots of action this week as the guys trample, tie down, hogtie, flog, whip, edge, use dildos and fists and much more.


Week of Nov 20 - Lots of new visitors and lots of action. A few scenes here - Suspended and tied and spurting over each other, tied on the bench with nipple clamps and getting tormented, tape bound and slapped, pups playing, tied on the table, tied to the frame with a ball gag in his mouth. Click to see the rest of the pics from each scene.

Week of Nov 13 - Gutpunching, tied to the bench, hogtied, clothespins, tape bound, simple rope, pup tied up, and bondage on the the tables.


Week of Nov 6 - Spanked, paddled, hogtied, trampled on, edged, plugged, and back into chastity... plus lots more


Week of Oct 30 - It was our annual Halloween Party and the club was turned into a dungeon and some guys came in costume. A skeleton gets tied on the spread chair, stud in suspension, first timer on the table, double flogging, inverted bench, masked man edged, and hogtied. Lots more stuff in the Maze, upstairs, and all around the club.


Week of Oct 23 - Lots of guys this week, plenty of action on the stage, upstairs, in the backroom, and all over the club.


Week of Oct 16 - A Fire and Cupping demo this week, spread and tied, hogtied, clothespins, displayed, caged, edged, and more


Week of Oct 9 - Puppy Invasion 3.0 this week with NYC-PAH. Lots of fun and lots of other scenes as well.


Week of Oct 2 - Flying suspension, nipple pumps, making a web, spiderman snared in the web, nipple weights, slapped paddled and enjoying it. Just a little of what went on this week.

Week of Sept 25 - Wrestled down to the ground and gets his balls batted, getting flogged, pups playing, hairy bondage, and breath control. Just a few of the scenes at the club this week, plus free massages and frisky back room action.


Week of Sept 18 - Stretched over a bench, tied down on a table, tied to the frame, hogtied, tickled, trampled on, and more.

Week of Sept 11 - Tied in a chair positon and suspended, edged, more suspension, CBT play and balls being beaten till..., and much more, buy not too many pics this week.

Week of Sept 4 -Suspension, forced milkings, duct tape and edging, tied to the pole or the table, the guys got off this week.

Week of August 28 -Tied down on the tabe, hogtied, edged by a massage wand, in thedeck chair, more clothespins, and other stuff this week

Week of Aug 21 - Lots of bondage scenes this week with new guys and our regulars. Pups in different scenes, tops and bottoms. A sleepsack on a new table, upended on a box, electro cock rings making guys cum, gas mask breath control, clothespins on body parts, and clothespins being yanked off all at once. A single tail whipping, spanking, kinky massages, back room action, and relaxing in a chair while being serviced. It was a lot of fun with a good crowd.


Week of Aug 14 - Tied in the chair, on the table, sideways on the floating bondage table, secured in the chair, Pup play, electro cock rings, gut punching, stomping, and more.


Week of Aug 7 - Tied to the frame, on the bench, to the frame, punched, stomped on, paddled and kept in chastity. Just a few of the scenes from the night.


Week of July 31 - It was a hot night, the air went out, but there was some steamy action in the back. Up front, tied in the chair and smacked around, hogtied, bent over a bench, Pup and pup play, red back and ass, in the jail cell, and tied down on the leather table in the extra room we opened. Some hot action.


Week of July 24 - Lots of action this week, especially on the bondage tables, suspension, clothespins on a stud in the chair, pup hogtied, mummification, flogged and paddledl, in the cage, upstairs on the massage table, and frisky in the back room. The guys had lots of fun this week.


Week of July 17 - Suspended, hogtied, trampled, balls pulled, spanked, tied on the tables, Pup Play, Flogging and clothespins. Just a little of what went on this week. New first time visitors, action as usual in the back and massages.

Week of July 10 - Hogties, foot worship, breath control, worked over, and sling play. Just a few of the scenes from the night

Week of July 3 - It was our Independence Party and there were lots of guys having fun. We strung a web and played in it. A birthday spanking, rubber hogtie, rope harness, clothespins, and more. Some action upstairs and in the back room. We had fun, hope you did too. Sometimes we just hang out at the front, come early and get to know some of tthe guys.

Week of June 26 - Our AFTER Pride Play Party was full of guys who watched the parade and then got off at the club. Suspension, puppy with legs in the air, flogger on the back, tied to the bench, to the frame, the St Andrew's cross, and tied down on the table with his balls squeezed tight. Lots of action upstairs in the loft and in the back. Happy Pride

Week of June 19 - It started at the Folsom Street East Street Fair and went well into Monday morning. A great fair and our BEST EVER party. We had just over 200 guys at the party and it was packed. Lots of new guys and lots of fun. We only got a few of the scenes at the front and a couple in the new room. Lots more happened upstairs, in the back and side, and really all over the club.

Week of June 12- Fun building the web, then even more fun getting caputured in it, hogtied, electro cock rings, a returning visitor gets edged. More fun in the back and on the free massage table

Week of June 5 - Suspended and multiple guys working him over, tied in the chair with CBT, on the bench, tied to the pole, and first time visitor gets worked over by the group.

Week of May 29 - Inverted, the Fuck machine, tied to the cross, table, bench, clamped, and flogged.

Week of May 22 - Lots of guys this week, lots of frisky play in the back (no pics back there), lots of clothespins, new guys, regulars, free massages upstairs, and more

Week of May 8 - Suspended upside down, tied to the bench, hands behind his back, legs stretched on the spreader bar, clothespins on his nips, spanked, tied to the pole, flogged, boots hanging from his balls, and much more.

Week of May 1 - 2 guys take turns in the web they make, slapped over a bench, flogged and spanked, edged, and a stud get tied up for the first time

Week of April 25 - Ladders have other uses, tied to the bench, foot worship, breath control, and showing gratitude

Week of April 10 and April 17 - coming soon

Week of April 3 - It was our Hands On / Ropes On interactive Demo and a bunch guys gathered round the stage, paired up and learned how to tie some knots. It got the party started and the fun grew from then. On the bench as a dildo works its way in and out, a single tail whip leaves its marks, at least 6 guys working a newbie over, spread out on stage, stud tied to the table, in the sling, and clothespins and more. We had some hot new guys playing late, and massages and more upstairs.

Week of March 27 - Stretched out and tied to the beam, balls tied and stretched, flogged, and double fisting

Week of March 20 - This week was our AFTER Black Party and it was packed again with lots of new guys. There were quite a few scenes from simple to intense. Check out the full scenes at our Party Pics 2016 page

Week of March 13- This week was Puppy Invasion. We had over 90 guys. Lots of action and lots of new guys. The pups played, a couple of guys got suspended, some tied down, and lots of clothespins. We didn't take pics from some of the scenes because it was too crowded in the back and some of the guys didn't want pics.

Week of March 6 - Tied to the pole, bent over a bench and used, edged, vibrators, clamps, and paddled. Just a few scenes of the night

Week of Feb 28 - We had quite a few group scenes that had lots of bondage and forced submission and some extra fun too. Tied to the wall in a web, first timer on the tables, Legs up and nipples clamped, in the cage; tied down on the bondage table, foot play, stripped and sat on, and forced to service. Lots more but no more pics. Some guys don't like the pics.

Week of Feb 21 - Some old friends, some new friends, a nice mix of guys. A long scene with Bndg24, some group stuff on the table and stage, Frisky Pup, fisting, and more

Week of Feb 14 - Lots of play, some shown here in the pics, other play more private. Tied on the bench, the Ball Crusher, suspension, nipple clamps, oral worhsip, on a chair, flogged, and nipple suction cups. Lots of edging and cum. Check out the rest of the pics on the Party Pics pages.

Week of Feb 7 - It was our Super Bowl Party and the game was streaming on the TV. Many new guys and action. We only took a few pics and here they are.

Week of Jan 31 - A good night with some new guys and some returning guys and our regulars. Some of the hot scenes didn't want pics so you had to be there to see them. Here are some that we did take pics. Stripped and hogtied, first time at the club and loving it, returning to the club and tied down on the table, nipple suction cups, and late night fun.

Week of Jan 24 - The massive snow storm made it a little slow this week, but the guys that were there had fun.

Week of Jan 17 - Spread and tied on the stage, tied down on the table, tied on the stools, tied in the cage. Lots of clothespins, hot wax on his cock and balls and body, edged, and more. Lots of first time visitors and fun in the back. The massage guy had group fun on the table upstairs all night.

Week of Jan 10 - A stud gets suspended on the stage, Spanked and Feeling it, on the bench then on a different pole, Displayed and whacked, Clothespins and worked over.

Week of Jan 3 - Spanking, Flogging, Single tail whip, clothespins on nips, cock and balls, in the sling, against the St Andrew's cross, stroked, edged, and made to come. The year started great. Lots of action in the back room and up in the loft on the massage table. Lots of new guys.

Cum to our parties on SUNDAYS and experience the action yourself!

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