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Only the official club photographer is alowed to take pictures, with the consent of the person(s) in the picture.

Here are a few "tame" pics from our 2017 parties. Click on any pic to see the rest of the scene.

All guys in the pictures are over 18 years old. You must be over 18 to attend our parties.

You may notice that we are posting less pics of the scenes at the parties. Some guys like having their pics taken, some DON'T. You can still play without the pics of your scene, just tell us you DON'T want any pics. We will always ASK. Less flashes, more action, and never in the back room. Want to see what goes on, there are plenty of pics on our site. We still send out a weekly email blast with some of the pics, so you can sign up for updates from the link at the side. Still want to see more, then come to the parties on Sunday. EXPERIENCE IT!

Week of April 16 - It was Foot Fetish night and we had a good crowd. Lots of foot fetish action, bondage by tape, by rope, smacked ass, forced on all fours, hogtied, clothespins, electro cock rings, first time bondage, and cages.


Week of April 9 - Great hot group scene, tied on the stage, against the frame, on the table, in the chair, paddled and caged.


Week of April 2 - Our After Black Party Play Party. Just a few pics of some of the things that went on this week.


Week of March 26 - Tied in the web, hogtied, tied down on the table with electro cock rings, vibrators and edging. Just a little of what went on at the front of the club. In the back was lots more, and upstairs free massages and more.

Week of March 19 - The web gets set up on the stage and gets lots of use, pulled nips, hung upside down, flogged and spanked, clothespins, and muscle stud tied up.


Week of March 12 - Pup suspension, hot stud tied down, tied to the bench to service, double flogging, smothered by feet, batted till he cums, spanked, and edged. Just a little of the play that goes on at NYBC


Week of March 5 - Strung up and edged, face down and stroked, stud forced to cum, clothespins and more clothespins, hooded and ball gagged, and some foot worship until an explosion of come. Just a some of the action at NYBC this week.


Week of Feb 26 - Studs tied down, suspended, on benches, on tables, in the air, on a box, in cages, in the sling, and standing on the stage. Guys upstairs in the loft, playing on the sofas, free massages, playing with each other. Guys in the backroom getting off, having fun. Just a few pics of what went on at the club.


Week of Feb 19 - It was a joint foot fetish party and the guys came early and had lots of fun. We had a full house but only a few pics since it was so crowded and the guys just wanted to play. The loft was full with guys crawling around and worshipping feet, great massages, playing in the sling and frisky action the back room. A few pics here - Foot play while tied up, hogtied, single tail whipping with a pail hanging from his balls, tied down while being edged.


Week of Feb 12 - It was our "Learning the Ropes" and we got a lot of new guys. We paired them up, they learned a little something about knots, and then went to play. The guys made a rope hammock while they waited and then put a stud in it and worked him over. We had a cool furry scene with multiple guys getting in on it. There was a sitting rope suspension, lots of clothespins, a sleepsack, a pup hogtie, tied against the frame, big dildos and fists, a newbie tied up, and just some nice new underwear. More in the back and upstairs.



Week of Feb 5 - Our Super Bowl Party - We had the game on, lady gaga, and then the fun began. Spanked, sports gear, tied to crosses, down on the tables, flogged, whipped, and more, and hot dogs too.


Week of Jan 29 - We had a group of visitors that had a few great scenes this week - better than the porno from kink.com that was playing on the tv. Muscle worship, bent over a bench, tied down getting his balls beat and a catheter shoved down his cock, dildos and fists up his hole, and a long, long dildo up his ass. Just a little of what went on up front this week.


Week of Jan 22 - Tied down with some foot worship, catheter play, taped to the frame, inverted on the bench, double flogging, clothespins, balls tied tight, spread chair bondage, hooded and tied. Massage upstairs and more action in the back room


Week of Jan 15 - Tied against the rope, on the table with electro cock rings, edging, and bent over a bench. Only took a few pics this week, but much more happened upstairs on the free massage table, in the backroom, and in the side hall.


Week of Jan 8 - Bent over a bench and spanked, suspended and whirled around, breath control and punching, tied and spread, slapped with a paddle on his cock and balls, and other stuff upstairs and in the back room.


Week of Jan 1 - Our New Years Day Sunday Night Party - Xmas boy decorating scene, tied to tables, frames, boards, several flogging scenes, tied against the wall, puppy play, and lots more. A great way to start 2017


Cum to our parties on SUNDAYS and experience the action yourself!

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